Are your rooms air-conditioned?


Do you have a generator for backup?


Are there any low tariff dates during the year?

Our weekday rates are lower than weekends most of the year except for some special long weekends, public holidays and festivals.

Is there any discount offer going on?

• We run promotional offers regularly on social media platforms. Kindly follow us on the below mentioned sites.
• Instagram: @malharmachi
• Facebook: Malhar Machi Resort Pune
• YouTube: Malhar Machi

If we pay you in cash, would you waive the taxes and give us a lesser rate?

Sorry, that is against our policy.

Why are your rates higher?

The rates that are mentioned on our website are all-inclusive. (Taxes + meals + standard activities in the resort)

How much discount can I get if I am booking on weekdays for two nights?

We have standard weekday rates. Please refer to the tariffs for more details.

Do I need to book a full resort for one night's stay on Saturday? What best can you offer?

Please get in touch with our reservation desk.

What is the current road condition from Pune towards the resort?

Currently, the road condition is a bit unstable as it is under repair in some sections.

How to reach Malhar Machi Resort?

Do not take the Aamby Valley route shown in the Google Map, as it is a terrible and rough route. We do not suggest this route to any of our guests; we request you to come via the Chandni Chowk route only.

A. Direction from Mumbai:

• Use the expressway to travel from Mumbai to Pune – Chandni Chowk (Use the Google Maps to reach till Chandni chowk, Pune)
• Once you arrive at Chandni Chowk Pune - from there change the location in the Google Maps for Malhar Machi Resort – This will take you to Malhar Machi Resort via Paud Pirangut Mulshi Road.
(We are suggesting you change the location 2 times to avoid the confusion of Aamby Valley route which reflects in the Google Map)

B. Direction to travel from Pune (Chandni Chowk):
From Chandni Chowk head towards Pirangut.
From Pirangut travel straight to Paud Pirangut Mulshi Road
(You can also follow the Google Maps directions from Chandni Chowk)

C. Postal Address:
At post: Valane, Taluka: Mulshi, District: Pune,+Bavdhan,+Pune,+Maharashtra/Pirangut,+Maharashtra/Malhar+Machi,+Pune,+Maharashtra/

On travel portals like MMT & Goibibo, prices of your resorts are lower than your rates?

We work with our travel partners to give you the best possible rates. You can book through them, and you will get the same superior experience at our resort.

Can we skip our lunch for the next day instead of check-in on the day?

Sorry, we are afraid that this is against our policy.

Why do you need a 50% advance amount to confirm the booking?

This rule is as per our policy.

How far are the rooms situated from the reception? Are there too many steps?

It is a mountain resort, and rooms and cottages are spread across a large area with more than an adequate distance between each cottage.

How many steps away are Bougainville cottages from the reception?

Bougainville cottages are on the upper deck of the resort. One will have to climb a few steps and is 50-60 meters from the reception.

What kind of corporate team building activities do you offer?

We do not offer any specific team building activities for corporate events, however, your team members can revel in plenty of activities like trekking, rappelling and ziplining.

If I book to stay in your resort, then am I allowed to do a photoshoot?

You have to opt for the photoshoot packages and our reservation team will help you with the charges.

Can I directly walk into Malhar Machi Resort without any booking?

No, prior booking is mandatory.

How can I book your resort?

• Booking is taken care of by reservation team at Swara group office
• Call us on +91-8888000055 / 020-30054455
• Email us on

Do you accept credit cards? Amex card?

We accept all card payments. In fact, you can also make payments using UPI wallets and internet banking as well.

We have booked for two nights at your resort but we will check-in in the evening, can you shift the lunch for check out day?

Sorry, we’re afraid that it is against our policy.

Are mosquitoes an issue in your resort?

Malhar Machi resort takes good care of such issues - all the rooms are netted, and there are mosquito repellents as well.

Do you allow pets in the resort?

As much as we love the outdoors and animals, we have a no pet policy at Malhar Machi resort.

Are there any insects/snakes in your resorts?

Malhar Machi is a mountain resort which is built around nature, hence you can come across some unique insects or birds. But you need not worry, we take the utmost care of our guests by taking all the necessary preventive actions so that there are no severe mishaps.

My kids are young, do not eat the entire spread in the buffet, and even we do not eat that much, therefore I request you to waive off the charges, OR we do not need a mattress for the child so can you waive the cost?

We do not charge for meals for children below the age of 6 years. For everyone else, standard charges apply.